Wednesday, August 10, 2011

More Zebra Stuff & a new "First Grade Connection"!

Oh, I'm sooo weak! I kept telling myself that I was not going to Hobby Lobby or Michaels or Target AGAIN before school starts....ya, you guessed it-Hobby Lobby got me! As I was driving past the parking lot, something cRaZy happened-my steering wheel made a quick turn to the left! {Whew! Good thing nobody was behind me!} I told myself that I was only going to pick up that 1 roll of ribbon that I needed for my new crate seats. It seemed like in every aisle there was zebra stuff flashing in front of me, could I resist these cutie patootie zebra treasures!?!

I'm using the little zebras to make pointers and that adorable storage basket is going next to my desk. I haven't decided what I doing with those cute lil tin buckets but I knew I needed them! :)  Well, at least the basket & ribbon was 50% off-that makes me feel better! {Now this was absolutely my LAST shopping trip!}

I'm also really REALLY excited to tell you about a new blog called First Grade Connections. This is a collaborative blog {kinda like Teaching Blog Addict} only this one is geared to first grade teachers. I just about flipped when I was invited to be a contributor on this blog! I just love this idea-if you teach first grade, you just have to check it out!!! The blog is brand new & your input is needed on the design-head over there!

 Ok, back to working on school stuff. Does anyone else's house look like a mini Wal-Mart/Kinkos??? {School supplies & lamination is scattered everywhere! YIKES!}


  1. ooohhh I know of an original zebra oil painting or print you could buy... hehe. (my mom painted it) Looks like a fun theme!! I have so much that I will need to do when I head to work on Thursday. I only have basic furniture set up mostly done and I have all the displays and paperwork to do. Have a good day!

    Primary Connections

  2. Is there any way these words could be translated or editable? I am a new kindergarten Bilingual Teacher. I love the pictures and they would go great in my zebra classroom in which I am trying to do everything. I can give you the words if its possible.

    Thank you: