Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Trash-to-Treasure For My Classroom!

Happy Tuesday y'all! Just wanted to share this cute little Trash-to-Treasure project with you...

I wanted to get rid of my big chair that i sit in during our whole group time on the rug...BUT still needed something to sit on. Well.... this little gem was hiding in my basement! I know...ewwww!!! That should just stay in the basement right!?! BUT...what if I threw a little paint & new material on it???...

I removed the cushion & gave those legs a little color...

As you can see in the pic, those old-fashioned wires/springs were lookin' pretty saggy. I tried putting a new cushion directly on top of them but... yep! you guessed it-my bootie nearly sunk down to the floor (not the greatest position to be in while trying to manage 20 kinders!) So I cut a piece of plywood to fit the top & attached my cushion to that.

AND I had to add a little extra bling to my stool... oh yeah! FRINGE!!! (I just attached it with hot glue.)

Finally, I secured the cushion with 4 screws from the bottom & TA-DA!!! My new stool is ready! And of course my pups had to give their approval also!


I'm super excited with this little project & really love how it turned out. Now on to my next project...

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Fun with Long Vowels BuNdLe is here!

Hey y'all! Hope everyone is have a relaxing summer! I think my favorite thing about summer break is having time in the mornings to sit on my porch and enjoy a cup of coffee...a little different scenario than school days...{mad rush out the door, oops forgot my coffee cup, run back inside to grab it, spill a little trying to get into the car, hurry through morning traffic, finally head down the road, GULP my coffee & pray that the caffeine kicks in fast! whew!} Sound familiar??? I definitely miss my classroom & those sweet kiddos... BUT a little slower pace for a couple months is definitely good for the soul! That wonderful front porch of mine is also the location of my "summer office"...

I have a long ridiculously huge list of projects to finish up and I am super excited to say that all 5 of my Fun with Long Vowels packs are ready to go!


And I've also BUNDLED them up for a discount! Be sure to check them all out at my lil TpT shop!

And just in case you were wondering.... YES! I have a Fun with Short Vowels Bundle also!!!

HaPpY Summer friends!!!