Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Apparently I Don't Know My ABCs!

Oh I seriously think I'm losing my mind y'all! As I was trying to finish setting up my writing center I noticed this...

WhAt?!?!? I think it's time to just go home!!! lol  Oh well... it happens I guess! I'm thinking that I need to recheck my classroom one last time before posting my classroom reveal pics! This cute little alphabet banner is part of my ALPHABET FUN pack... 

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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Back-to-School Sale!!!

Don't miss this y'all! Everything in my TpT shop is on sale... plus you get an extra discount when you add the code BTS2017 at checkout! {August 1st-2nd} Time to get our shop on!!! 
HaPpY shopping!!! 😁

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Dollar Tree Treasures

Hey y'all look what I found at Dollar Tree! 

These little snack containers are the perfect size for crayons! I've always had a basket of "community crayons" at each table but since I've incorporated more flexible seating it will be easier for the kiddos to just grab a crayon box & go! Great thing is they come in a 2-pack. That's right!!!...2 for $1.00!!! Gotta love that deal! What kind of back-to-school deals & treasures have you found?

Monday, July 10, 2017

Contraction Surgery Center {Bestseller Update!}

I just update this bestseller {plus I've included bonus FREEBIE in the TpT preview!}

Is there a doctor in the house??? A "Contraction Doctor" that is!!! It's time for a little "word surgery"... just have your lil surgeons grab their scapels {scissors} & trim away those extra letters to make a new shortcut word-don't forget to bandage it back together with a Bandaid-apostrophe! It's "Contraction Surgery"! It's super-fun to  have your kiddos wear latex gloves and doctor masks also. {Maybe ask your local hospital or health department if they would donate some to your classroom.}You can also make your own from a small piece of material & thin elastic headband.

I have also included several versions of a Contraction Poster in the preview for this product. Just click HERE or on the pics below and download the preview file.

Hope y'all love the update! I would love to see pics of your little surgeons! 

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Want FREE printer ink???

Hey y'all! Are you tired of spending a bazillion dollars on ink??? 💸 Me too! I seriously spent over $300 on ink last year at back-to-school time! {Eeekkk!} I. am. not. doing. that. again. 

 I'm sure many of you have heard about the HP Instant Ink program but if you are not enrolled yet, let me tell you how to save some bucks...

1. If you do not have an HP Instant Ink printer, go buy one! If you print like I do, I promise it will be worth it! You can find models for less than $60. The model that I purchased was $89 and it came with 3 free months of instant ink! Woohoo!! (Click HERE to go to HP's list of compatible printers.)

2. Search for promo codes for free months of ink. Many printers come with codes. I also purchased a month at the store & got a month free (special offer at Staples at the time.) Plus, you can use a "Refer-A-Friend" code & we will both get a free month! (The code is "hMV8l" ...and btw, that last digit is a lowercase l, not a one) Just click & follow this link:

3. Enroll online in HP's monthly Instant Ink program. You choose from 3 monthly plans & can change your plan at anytime. Here is a pic from my HP account page showing the different options. Of course, I choose frequent printer!!! (Just an FYI, be sure to choose the $9.99 a month so all of your free months will allow you to print up to 300 pages each month for FREEEEEE!) If you notice at the top, it shows that I am not going to be billed for ink until NEXT JULY! 

What I spent on a new HP Instant Ink printer:
$89.99 printer (HP Officejet 6968)
$9.99 Buy a Month, Get a Month free special (in store at Staples)
My total was right around $100 plus tax.

What I got for FREE:
$29.97-3 free months of instant ink that came with printer
$9.99-1 free month of instant ink (in store buy one get one special)
$59.94-6 months free instant ink (online code) "6freeink" (not sure how long this offers goes)
$9.99-1 free month of instant ink (Refer-A-Friend code
That is a total of $109.89 worth of free ink!!! 

Click the pic to get your free month of ink!
Hope this post was helpful Happy printing!

*Just a note about this product service: I am not being compensated for my post about this product/service. I am simply sharing my opinion of a product/service that I have found to be helpful to me and my classroom.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Look what I found at Target!

Oh I just love all of the stuff I'm seeing in the Target Dollar Spot! Check out these awesome metal bins that I found today y'all! Trying to incorporate a little "fixer-upper/farmhouse style" into my classroom & these babies  were just $5! Perfect! Love LoVe LOVE these!!!

What kind of "treasures" have you found????

It's a Fourth of July Sale!

 Everything in my TpT shop is on sale from July 4th-7th. Happy Birthday America!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Trash-to-Treasure For My Classroom!

Happy Tuesday y'all! Just wanted to share this cute little Trash-to-Treasure project with you...

I wanted to get rid of my big chair that i sit in during our whole group time on the rug...BUT still needed something to sit on. Well.... this little gem was hiding in my basement! I know...ewwww!!! That should just stay in the basement right!?! BUT...what if I threw a little paint & new material on it???...

I removed the cushion & gave those legs a little color...

As you can see in the pic, those old-fashioned wires/springs were lookin' pretty saggy. I tried putting a new cushion directly on top of them but... yep! you guessed it-my bootie nearly sunk down to the floor (not the greatest position to be in while trying to manage 20 kinders!) So I cut a piece of plywood to fit the top & attached my cushion to that.

AND I had to add a little extra bling to my stool... oh yeah! FRINGE!!! (I just attached it with hot glue.)

Finally, I secured the cushion with 4 screws from the bottom & TA-DA!!! My new stool is ready! And of course my pups had to give their approval also!


I'm super excited with this little project & really love how it turned out. Now on to my next project...

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Fun with Long Vowels BuNdLe is here!

Hey y'all! Hope everyone is have a relaxing summer! I think my favorite thing about summer break is having time in the mornings to sit on my porch and enjoy a cup of coffee...a little different scenario than school days...{mad rush out the door, oops forgot my coffee cup, run back inside to grab it, spill a little trying to get into the car, hurry through morning traffic, finally head down the road, GULP my coffee & pray that the caffeine kicks in fast! whew!} Sound familiar??? I definitely miss my classroom & those sweet kiddos... BUT a little slower pace for a couple months is definitely good for the soul! That wonderful front porch of mine is also the location of my "summer office"...

I have a long ridiculously huge list of projects to finish up and I am super excited to say that all 5 of my Fun with Long Vowels packs are ready to go!

And I've also BUNDLED them up for a discount! Be sure to check them all out at my lil TpT shop!

And just in case you were wondering.... YES! I have a Fun with Short Vowels Bundle also!!!

HaPpY Summer friends!!!

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Meet Our New President-Donald Trump {FREEBIE!}

Happy January y'all! This midwest ice storm has got me a little stir crazy! Finally after 3 days of being trapped inside, things are beginning to melt. The good part of that is that all of my laundry is done and I had lots of time to bake cookies and brownies with my kiddos....the bad part is that I also had time to eat all of those yummy treats too! Ooops!

I also had time to finish up a little FREEBIE pack for inauguration day! Yay!! On Friday, January 20th, Donald Trump will become the 45th President of the United States. If you would like a copy of my FREEBIE pack to use with your kinders or firsties, just click on the pic below to head over to my TpT shop! Hope you love it!