Sunday, October 30, 2011

S'more Halloween Goodies!

Happy Halloween! Just finished up my lil Halloween goody bags for my kiddos & just had to share it with you! I saw this idea on Pinterest and decided to make a little card to hook on top of the bag and they turned out BOO-tiful!
I just filled a ziploc bag with a graham cracker, mini Hershey's bar & a ghost peep. (Those peeps are around for just about every holiday!) Then I printed out the card, folded it over the top of the ziploc bag & stapled! Ta da! A quick-n-easy Halloween treat!!! Just click HERE if you would like a copy of the card! Hope you have a SPOOK-TACULAR day!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Fact Family Math Center FREEBIE!

Hey all!!! Gonna apologize right now because I feel like I should be posting a little more often but I feel like I have a bazillion things that I'm trying to juggle right now! (I confess, between everything at school & my own kiddos, I haven't even had time to do real grocery shopping in quite some time-Hello Pizza Hut delivery!) Whew! Are you feeling those stresses too???

How 'bout those FACT FAMILIES? We have been working on relating addition to subtraction so I decided to bring out those french fries again. Back in September I posted a FRENCH FRY ADDITION FACT FREEBIE that I used with my firsties to practice addition. This time I'm using those french fries to practice building related math facts. This seemed to be just the ticket for some of my kiddos that were struggling a bit with this concept.

Click the pic to download your FREEBIE center!

Oh ya, it is a FREEBIE! (I just LOVE freebies! They're almost as good as a shoe sale!!! Don't ya think?) If you download this center, I just ask that you leave me a lil comment below. All your great feedback really helps me out when I'm creating new activities!!!

Ok, I'm gonna try to sneek in a few minutes of Pinterest before I go to bed. That site has got me seriously addicted!!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


You have to check out this "Spook-tacular" giveaway...12 amazing prizes!!!! A bunch of us have teamed up with Donna over at Kinderglynn for this whoppin' giveaway! Who wouldn't love to win this stuff?!?

Oh yeah! I told you-some GrEaT stuff huh!?! Head on over to Kinderglynn to enter! (Contest ends Saturday, October 15th- 10:00EST)

Welcome to Kindergylnn
Click here to enter the giveaway!

I have also fallen in love with this aDoRaBle lil Scaredy Cat!!!

If you haven't read this book, OH MY you NEED to! The illustrations are amazing-makes you want to just grab & squeeze this lil cat! It's about a little cat that is trying to find the perfect costume to scare his classmates-only problem is that he is a real scaredy cat himself! My firsties LOVE this story so I decided to create a few activities to go along with it. (It's a super bargin at my TpT & Teachers Notebook shops.)

AND....I will give a FREEBIE copy to the first 10 people that leave me a lil comment here!!! Don't have to do anything special, just say "Hey! Have a Spooktacular Day!" or "Happy Halloween Girl!" or whatever you feel like sayin' right now! 

Lookin' forward to our field trip to the pumpkin patch on Friday!!!


Monday, October 10, 2011

This is Where the Wild Things Are!

Oh WoWSie these first graders are having some monsterous fun! Not sure what it is about these silly monsters but this unit is always a student favorite! There are so many cute books to go along with this theme. Of course, "Where The Wild Things Are" is a classic and it goes along great with our Wild About Learning school theme. Check out the new bulletin board!

Our monster glyphs turned out soooo stinkin' cute. The kiddos did a great job-LUV em! I'm amazed how different each one of them is! (In addition to the glyph below, I added spots on the nose that stand for the number of pets the student has.)

After we read "Where the Wild Things Are", we brainstormed things from the story that were real (or could be real) & things that are pretend. Click on the pic below if you would like a copy of this FREEBIE!

Check out more of my Super Silly Monster Fun unit at Teachers Pay Teachers or Teachers Notebook for more literacy & math activities!

Got a quick question...Does anyone else get emails requesting copies of files that are already accessible on Google Docs????  Can't the files just be downloaded directly from there? I feel really bad not emailing everyone the requested file but there are so many requests that I can't keep up! :(  Any suggestions?