Wednesday, September 28, 2011

S'mores, Pumpkins & Hayrides...FAB-U-LOUS Fall Centers!

Hey everyone! There is a chill in the air, so...grab your favorite cozy sweater & a mug of hot cocoa and get ready for some "Fab-U-lous Fall Fun"! I just love bonfires & toasting marshmallows! How 'bout you?  So I was thinking "Why not bring some of that fall fun into the classroom?"  {The S'mores word work center is my fav!}
Check it out at my lil shop at Teachers Pay Teachers or Teachers Notebook. Also, I just finished up a few Fall Sentence Scramblers-just click the pic to grab your FREEBIES!
Have a great Wednesday! {Only 2 more days til Friday-Woo Hoo!}

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

French Fry Math Center FREEBIE & a Super-Big Thank You!

A big "Hey!" to everyone! First, I want to give a super big "Thanks" to Miss Bowers over at First Grade Jabber for awarding me the "Versatile Blogger Award"! WOWsie! I'm honored-you are just too sweet!

And I'm really excited to share one of our fun math activities that we worked on this week... "French Fry Facts"! We've been working really hard on addition and finding different ways to make numbers. This was a really fun activity! I started by cutting yellow construction paper into strips to make french fry counters. Then I had the kiddos separate the fries into two groups and come up with addition facts.

Then the students worked in groups & I gave each group a French Fry Sum Card. They worked together to find as many addition math facts for that sum as possible and then wrote those math sentences on their construction paper french fries. We then placed the addition facts in the correct french fry box. {I kinda came up with this display below at the last minute so don't look too close at those french fry boxes...they are a little bit crooked! Oh well-my firsties LOVED this activity anyway!}

Okay blogging friends, here is the math center FREEBIE!!! Gotta LoVe those freebies!!! Just click the pic below to download your copy! Sure do hope your kiddos enjoy this center as much as mine have!!

Just one more lil thing I want to mention...The Clutter Free Classroom is hosting a "Peek Into My Planbook" linky party. So...I've linked up my math activity to this great collection of classroom plans. Head on over to check them all out!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

It's Time for Some Apple-licious Fun!

Oh, my! Had a very stressful computer went BlAnK!!!!! Yikes!! I was flippin' out! {you know you would be too!} All I could think was "Oh no! How will I log onto my blog? Will I be able to save any of  that super-cute clipart?" Seriously, I felt sick & wanted to cry...but after a phone call to my computer-genius friend Kim & a little research, I was able to drain my excess power, remove the battery & it STARTED right back up!!! I now have my clipart collection saved on a zip drive!!! {I'm not chancin' the loss of that stuff again!} Still not sure what the problem was but...the good news is I was able to load my "Apple-licious Fun!" mini-unit. My firsties love doing the apple taste test & the sentence-building activity! {Check out that awesome punctuation!}
The unit includes a ready-to-go math center, ABC center {2 levels}, graphing activity, apple craft & sentence-building activity. Check it out at my lil shops at TEACHERS PAY TEACHERS & TEACHERS NOTEBOOK! Happy birthday Johnny Appleseed!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Gettin' Into the Swing of DAILY 5-Read to Someone

WowSiE! I'm so excited about using the Daily 5 with my first graders this year! Today, we had our first focus lesson for Read to Someone. We made an anchor chart: "When I Read to Someone, I will..."I modeled the EEKK {elbow to elbow, knee to knee} reading position & then the kiddos all practiced with partners. Amazing!!! They actually were all engaged in reading {for a few minutes anyway}. For the first day, I thought they did a GREAT job! It was just too cute watching them work so hard to get their elbows & knees matched up!
The Daily 5 book {below} & the website The Daily Cafe are amazing resources filled with a wealth of info-check these out! Thanks so much Danielle for letting me borrow your book!!

And, of course, I had to add a little "zebra bling" to my Daily 5 signs! If you would like a copy, just click on the pics below for your FREEBIES! I would also LOVE to hear from you guys about any Daily 5 things you are doing in your classrooms or if you have found any great Daily 5 blogs or websites!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

More Prize Pass Catalog FREEBIES!

Hey! Just doin' a lil late night blogging & got a good laugh from Miss Bowers over at First Grade Jabber. She posted a really cute {& oH, sO TRUE} picture of how many teachers are feeling about now! It's too funny!  Well, since it is VERY late & I will have 23 energetic cuties waiting for me in just a few short hours, I'm keeping this post short-n-sweet. I've received lots of super sweet comments on my Prize Pass Catalog {sounds like lots of Treasure Boxes have found there way to the trash!!} I also had a few requests for more prizes. you go!! 4 more to add to the catalog! Just click the pics to download your FREEBIES!
Add these pages to the Prize Pass Catalog:

Here are the Prize Passes that the kiddos get:

Getting really close to finishing up my "FAB-U-LOUS Fall Fun!" unit! Can't wait to share another freebie with everyone!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

More Spelling Word Fun & FREEBIES!

Wow, tomorrow will be our 10th day of school! {Don't tell anyone, but I am seriously exhausted by 3:00!} We had our first spelling test on Friday-just a few review words from kindergarten to get these firsties accustomed to taking spelling tests. This week we have our full list-10 words plus a bonus word so, it was time to pull out my spelling word activities. I have a handful of activities that the kiddos work on first thing in the morning as they are doing their morning jobs {lunch choices, bathroom, folder check, etc...). I use these activities all year long, which works out GREAT! Once the kids understand the directions, they can independently practice their spelling words while I take care of all that  morning housekeeping stuff. I LOVE IT! I designed my first collection of activities- "Spelling Word Fun"- for 10 spelling words plus a bonus word.  I've had several requests for the spelling activities for use with 15 spelling words. So...I have just posted "Spelling Word Fun 2"- The same super-fun activities, just made for 15 spelling words instead of 10. The kiddos just LOVE these activities! {Sshhh! Don't tell them that they are learning!} You can check these out at TEACHERS PAY TEACHERS & TEACHERS NOTEBOOK.
And speaking of requests, I've had oodles of emails asking about the borders that I used in many of my labels & posters. Thank you all sooo much for your sweet comments! Well, I have to confess...I AM A CLIPART ADDICT! I'm not even kiddin' about this...I have nightmares about my computer crashing & losing my clipart-{probably should be a little more worried about all the important files that I'll need at tax time! lol} I use a lot of borders from DJ Inkers and I also make many of my borders using Word, Paint & Adobe Photoshop. One of my recent favorites is the zebra-print border. So here is the PDF file of my zebra borders with various color accents-just click the pic below for your FREEBIE!

I'm also getting started on my last batch of classroom labels {like the ones listed below}. I will post them as soon as I finish up.

Ok, it's getting lil ones are fast asleep & now it's time to tuck my cute lil pooch into her bed. Isn't she cute? Silly dog is all wet in this pic-she's loves playing in the sprinkler! Just love my lil Foxy Roxy!!!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Woo Hoo! I Think I'm Gonna Flip!

Top 10 TBA

OMiGosh! I am so excited! This afternoon I tried to sneek into the blogging world for a few minutes without anyone noticing...BUT I just about FLIPPED when I saw that two amazing teachers had listed me in their TOP TEN LISTS-Jennifer from First Grade Blue Skies & Christine from Hopping into First Grade!!! Woo Hoo! I had to shout it out to everyone in my back yard! {My 8-year old didn't think that was nearly as exciting as watching our sweet pooch dig a huge hole! Boys! lol} Thank you, THANK YOU soooo much-you guys just made my day!!! Jennifer & Christine have amazing blogs-be sure to check them out!

Ok, now it's my turn to give a shout-out for some of my favorite blogs. {There are so many incredible blogs out there & I find new ones each day-wish I could list them all!}
 Finally in First
First Grade Fanatics
Funky First Grade Fun
1st Grade with Miss Snowden
Castles and Crayons
I really could keep this list going-there are soooo many awesome blogs out there that I just LOVE! Thanks so much to Teaching Blog Addict for this great idea to recognize all those great blogs out there!
Happy blogging sweet friends!!!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

An AWESOME Giveaway from my Zebra-Lovin' Soul Sister!

Hey everyone! Hope you are enjoying this absolutely BeaUtiful weekend! {after about a month of temps around 100 degrees, I'm LOVIN' this sunny 70 degree day!} If your reading this blog right now then you are just as addicted to blogging as I am!!! {We shouldn't be thinking school on the 3-day weekend...right??? lol} Anyway, I just wanted to give a big shout out to my sweet friend Katie over at Queen of the First Grade Jungle...her giveaway ends tonight! And OMiWORD it is an AwEsOmE giveaway! Just check this out...
I am so lovin' this cutie-patootie personalized banner. If you don't have that "zebra-print addiction" like Katie & I, don't worry, these banners can be customized with any colors. And here's the best part...she is giving one away! Her giveaway ends at 10pm today {Sunday} so hurry on over and check it out! Just click the button below!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend & don't forget to stop by TEACHERS PAY TEACHERS & TEACHERS NOTEBOOK-all of my products are on SALE right now through Monday, September 5th!

Oh! Just found another awesome blog-Teeny Tiny Teacher! Check out her giveaway also!

Friday, September 2, 2011


Happy September to all you awesome teachin' bloggers! I'm really excited about our 3-day weekend, so I think its time to "SALE into September!" Everything in my lil shops at Teachers Pay Teachers & Teachers Notebook will be on sale from Friday, September 2nd thru Monday, September 5th! So, kick your heels up {after 3pm on Friday of course!}, pass that "Honey-Do" list over to your Honey, grab your computer & get your September shop on!!! I hope you have FAB-U-LOUS weekend!