Tuesday, September 6, 2011

More Spelling Word Fun & FREEBIES!

Wow, tomorrow will be our 10th day of school! {Don't tell anyone, but I am seriously exhausted by 3:00!} We had our first spelling test on Friday-just a few review words from kindergarten to get these firsties accustomed to taking spelling tests. This week we have our full list-10 words plus a bonus word so, it was time to pull out my spelling word activities. I have a handful of activities that the kiddos work on first thing in the morning as they are doing their morning jobs {lunch choices, bathroom, folder check, etc...). I use these activities all year long, which works out GREAT! Once the kids understand the directions, they can independently practice their spelling words while I take care of all that  morning housekeeping stuff. I LOVE IT! I designed my first collection of activities- "Spelling Word Fun"- for 10 spelling words plus a bonus word.  I've had several requests for the spelling activities for use with 15 spelling words. So...I have just posted "Spelling Word Fun 2"- The same super-fun activities, just made for 15 spelling words instead of 10. The kiddos just LOVE these activities! {Sshhh! Don't tell them that they are learning!} You can check these out at TEACHERS PAY TEACHERS & TEACHERS NOTEBOOK.
And speaking of requests, I've had oodles of emails asking about the borders that I used in many of my labels & posters. Thank you all sooo much for your sweet comments! Well, I have to confess...I AM A CLIPART ADDICT! I'm not even kiddin' about this...I have nightmares about my computer crashing & losing my clipart-{probably should be a little more worried about all the important files that I'll need at tax time! lol} I use a lot of borders from DJ Inkers and I also make many of my borders using Word, Paint & Adobe Photoshop. One of my recent favorites is the zebra-print border. So here is the PDF file of my zebra borders with various color accents-just click the pic below for your FREEBIE!

I'm also getting started on my last batch of classroom labels {like the ones listed below}. I will post them as soon as I finish up.

Ok, it's getting late...my lil ones are fast asleep & now it's time to tuck my cute lil pooch into her bed. Isn't she cute? Silly dog is all wet in this pic-she's loves playing in the sprinkler! Just love my lil Foxy Roxy!!!


  1. Thank you very much! I love the zebra border. Is there any way to type in it? On some pdf's I can but not sure on this one.

  2. You can take a snapshot of the border that you like & save it as a picture file. Then insert your text over the top. If you aren't familiar with the "how-tos" of this, just email me & I will sent you step by step directions.

  3. LOVE the zebra border! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Ok, so I had to laugh...all by myself too...about the dreams/nightmares about the clipart! LOL I actually had a flash drive go bad and I thought that all my clipart (and other files too) were gone! I cried for 3 days and was going to pay $500 to get the stuff extracted! I went to school and saw that I had dumped my flash drive onto my computer! Whew!...bad thing is...why didn't I remember that I had done that! :) thanks for sharing!


  5. I would LOVE to have labels for rulers, headphones, and calendar materials! LOVE your blog! :)

  6. Thanks so much for sharing! What font and border did you use? I would love to (have) create some labels for my classroom...colored pencils, colored paper, noodles, pipe cleaners, paint brushes, stickers, beads...too many, I am afraid, to ask the favor. :) Thanks so much for inspiring us all!!

  7. Christie--Did you ever post your classroom labels? I have been looking on your blog, but can't seem to find them! Thanks! :)

    Rebekah Witkowski


    1. I am also having this problem. I would love to have them if you did in fact make them. Thanks!

    2. You can download the Back to School labels are on this post! Thanks! :)


      Or you can search my blog-it was posted on July 26, 2011.

  8. Christie, love the zebra borders as well! I was wondering the same thing as the first person in these comments. Can they (pdf's) be resized or typed in? If you wouldn't mind sending me the tutorial how to as well, I would appreciate it. I have windows PC. Thank you! My email is pks0221@suddenlink.net

  9. Is there any way these words could be translated or editable? I am a new kindergarten Bilingual Teacher. I love the pictures and they would go great in my zebra classroom in which I am trying to do everything. I can give you the words if its possible.

    Thank you: claudia07_1989@yahoo.com