Wednesday, September 14, 2011

More Prize Pass Catalog FREEBIES!

Hey! Just doin' a lil late night blogging & got a good laugh from Miss Bowers over at First Grade Jabber. She posted a really cute {& oH, sO TRUE} picture of how many teachers are feeling about now! It's too funny!  Well, since it is VERY late & I will have 23 energetic cuties waiting for me in just a few short hours, I'm keeping this post short-n-sweet. I've received lots of super sweet comments on my Prize Pass Catalog {sounds like lots of Treasure Boxes have found there way to the trash!!} I also had a few requests for more prizes. you go!! 4 more to add to the catalog! Just click the pics to download your FREEBIES!
Add these pages to the Prize Pass Catalog:

Here are the Prize Passes that the kiddos get:

Getting really close to finishing up my "FAB-U-LOUS Fall Fun!" unit! Can't wait to share another freebie with everyone!


  1. Got an email about your math TPT listing. Going to check it out now, but I am sure it is fabulous!

    Queen of the First Grade Jungle

  2. Thanks Katie! I've been so busy giving my Daily 5 posters some "zebra bling" that I forgot to mention my Math Fact kit in my post!
    Christie :)

  3. Hello! I recently came across your blog & love the prize pass catalog! We use a lot of the same prizes at my school & it was great to find such cute coupons to use! I was wondering if whenever you get a chance (no rush!) if you would be able to add 2 more? We do a Desk Bump (the student gets to sit at another student's desk for the day) & Out of Uniform (we give allow them to be out of uniform for a day of their choice). I am so glad I came across your blog! Your work is wonderful & I appreciate all the cute ideas, especially since I'm a 1st year teacher & am always on the lookout for new materials!!! :)

    Stephanie :)

  4. Hello:

    I love your reward cupons, but was wondering how I can edit them to work in my classroom? Is that something easy to do, I can't seem to figure it out. I love the graphics, size, everything, but just wanted to change the wording a bit.


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