Friday, July 22, 2011

Just posted my "Build-A-Word Workshop" literacy center!

Hey! Just a quick lil post before I head off to bed...This is a super cute, ready-to-go word work center. I'm gonna dig out my hard hats for the kiddos to wear while they are working at this center! I think that will be F.U.N!!! This center is ready to go...just print, laminate & you're set! I use plastic letter tiles with it but you could also use magnetic letters or small letter cards. There are 15 high-frequency word cards PLUS a blank set of word cards so you can add your own words to this center. There is also a reproducible sheet for the students to write the words that they build. Click here to check it out at my lil shop at Teachers Notebook or at Teachers Pay Teachers! It's a real bargin!!!


  1. Hi Christie! I just downloaded this -- I LOVE it! and your idea of the kids wearing hard hats is very cool. Gonna follow your blog, thanks for checking out mine :)

    Grade ONEderful

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