Monday, July 25, 2011

Check this out... Favorite Back-to-School Activity and FREEBIES!

It's time for a PaRtY!!! A Linky Party that is Jodi @ Fun in First is hosting "What is your favorite Back-to-School Activity?" Linky Party. What a great idea-thanks Jodi for getting all these amazing ideas together in one spot! So, here is one of my favorite books to use on the first day of school...
Dr. Jean Feldman performs this song on Is Everybody Happy? CD. You can also buy a digital download of the song. (I think I found it on the Dr. Jean website.)
Rules Rap
Dr. Jean
Omigosh! Dr. Jean is awesome! You have to hear the rap to this book-the kiddos LOVE it!!! I put on my sunglasses and a backwards cap, fold my arms across my chest (so I look really cool-like a rap singer! lol) and read the book. Then we sing/rap the song-soooo fun!!! It goes something like this...

The rules, the rules, the rules of the classroom.
(Snap fingers as you sway back and forth to the beat.)
Follow, follow, follow directions,
(Point index fingers in the air.)
Feet and hands, feet and hands,
(Point to feet and then each hand.)
Small voices inside, tall voices on the playground.
(Put finger over lips and then point out the window.)
Take care of your things, and keep the classroom neat and clean.
(Brush palms together to the beat.)
Work together, get along, and respect each other.
(Clasp hands together and then make circular motions like you’re
stirring a pot.)

I've changed a few of the rules just a little bit to match up with my classroom rules. We sing all through the year. If my kiddos are being really noisy, I might say "Do you remember our rule about tall voices?" and it usually inspires the class to immediately sing that verse of the Rules Rap-I love it!!!
*Partner students or put in small groups to have them come up with a good rule for our classroom.
*Record ideas on chart paper or Smart Board.
*Rap the rules that the students came up with. (or at least attempt to!!!) The kiddos love this part even if its not quite as smooth as the verses from Dr. Jean!
*Each student completes the writing reproducible below-"My Rule!" (Click HERE if you would like this freebie!)
*Make a classbook with the rules.

Ok, so there's my favorite Back-to-School idea for my kiddos. Now, a Back-to-School activity to help organize all those supplies without going CrAzY!!! I used to hate sorting school supplies but now I LOVE IT! It's no longer my job-it's the kiddos job! I created some really cute supply labels and put them on crates. Then I call a few students at a time to sort their supplies into the appropriate place-(they love having a job to do right away). Ta Da!!! Supplies are organized!!!!

Oh ya!!! You guessed it-Here is your Back-to-School FREEBIE!!!!
There are 22 labels in this set for sorting all of your back-to-school supplies! Happy sorting!!!


  1. I love the labels!! So cute. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Love all these freebies! I was just about to create labels for my supply bins! Thanks for saving me the time!

  3. I love the labels! Thanks for the adorable creation.

  4. Thanks you guys for the sweet comments! I love creating this cute stuff! I'm right in the middle of redoing my next set of classroom labels to match my theme. (linking cubes, clocks, pattern blocks, etc..) Should have those ready to share this week sometime. Check back!
    Christie :)

  5. THANK YOU for the TOO CUTE supply labels!! I LOVE them:)

  6. The rap sounds like so much fun! Thanks for linking up!

    Fun In First

  7. Thanks for the labels. They are so cute. I hate organizing supplies at the beginning of the year too. I'll have to try this idea!

  8. I have all her song books and tunes to go with. I put them on the smartbd and we sing to our hearts content. Thanks for the freebie to make her messages a cooperative one for our class!

  9. Hello from a new follower. I love the labels, they are cute. Thanks so much for sharing. :)

  10. Love these labels! Thanks for sharing!!! You rock!


  11. Love the labels, thanks for sharing! What font did you use to create them?

  12. You have such a cute blog filled with many fantastic ideas! Happy blogging!

    Teaching Blog Addict
    ♥Teaching with TLC

  13. I've had several people ask what font I used on the labels-it is actually a lettering clipart file from Lettering Delights.
    Christie :)

  14. Love your labels! Super Cute :)
    Do you have a name for the lettering clipart you used? Would love to go purchase it...
    Thanks for sharing

  15. You're welcome-LOvE sharing!
    The lettering clipart is called Scribble Kids from Lettering Delights.

    1. Do you know if Scribble Kids is still available? I can't find that clipart. I wanted to buy it to create a few labels that I still need to finish up my supply list for open house. Thank you for your help!

  16. Love the labels! What is the border around it? I would love to make some other labels in this same design. Can you share your template you made them with?
    Thanks ; )
    ~ Seema

  17. I just found these labels--thanks to Pinterest. They are awesome! Thanks so much for sharing.

  18. LOVE your labels! Perfect for my classroom theme next year! Thank you so much for sharing! :)

  19. how can i download these? they are adorable!

    1. Just click on the picture or right above it on the words "Back-to-School FREEBIE" & you can download a copy from my Google Docs.

  20. I LOVE your labels...but I'm pretty technologically challenged. When I clicked on them to download it took me to Google Drive. Do I need to download that before I can access them? I really want to use them this upcoming school year. Thanks so much for your help!

  21. I love the rules rap! I had no idea there was a book. Where have I been??!!

  22. The labels are absolutely perfect for my "look" this year. Thank you for them. I found them on Pinterest :)

  23. Christie~

    I love these colorful labels. I can't wait to use them! My classroom is ready for a facelift. I need to make a few more for areas in our room. Is there anyway you would share the document with me? I will download the font so I think it should work. Thank you for your help.


  24. I love the classroom labels!! Is there anyway we can edit the labels so we can add some of our own. Would you be able to share the document with me? I would love to keep the same label theme in my classroom if i could! THanks!!


  25. How do you make the labels? I am a male teacher and I love your labels but I would like to make them a little more masculine. Is there a label maker that you use?

  26. Hi Christie,

    I love the labels! Already have them printed and attached to my bins! I would still like to do a few for myself (staples, post its,tape , paper clips, fold back clips) Just wondering if you can give me some guidance as to how to make them or if you could make them?!? I am willing to pay!

    Thanks so much,

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