Sunday, July 10, 2011

Classroom Rules with Officer Buckle FREEBIE!!!

Yes! It's a FREEBIE! I've uploaded some of my back-to-school/classroom rules activities. These hot summer days are forcing me to spend a little more time inside so...I decided to start organizing some of the stuff that had been so quickly saved on my computer during the past school year. (I hate it when I can't remember where I have saved something!) During all this "technical organizing" I will be posting more of my activities and units so check back often. The first things that I ran across were activities that I use with Officer Buckle and Gloria,  (by Peggy Rathmann), at back-to-school time. The kiddos love this silly story and it's a super fun way to introduce classroom rules. There are 7 pages in this download. One page is a copy of a venn diagram, which I also like to put up on the SmartBoard. I have this in a Smart Notebook file if you are interested-just email me and I will share it with you!


  1. Love this for the first days of school. Thank you!

    First Grade School Box

  2. Love this idea, I use that book too. Can you send me the smart board file? Thanks!!

  3. I would love the smart board file. Thank you for sharing!

  4. I would like the smart board file as well. Thank you!