Thursday, October 18, 2012

Spectacular Spider Fun! {& some FREEBIES!}

Spiders, spiders everywhere! Wow! do these firsties love spiders! We've had lots of learning fun in the classroom this week with these lil 8-legged critters. Check out this fun Spider Glyph we made...

I wasn't too sure that we were going to get them made....Have you ever had one of those days weeks where you think that you are prepared??? Let me emphasize the word "THINK". As Danielle {my 1st grade teachin' bud} & I so carefully planned & prepared for our week, we did not realize that we would run into the dreaded "copy machine issues"..... Ya, you know exactly what I'm talkin' about, don't ya? put your paper in, hit the start button & that big ole machine makes a big clunkin' noise and then all the buzzers start to BEEEEEEP & lights start FLASHING at you!!! Aughhhhhh! Well, to make a long story short, we tried copying our glyph patterns on 4 different copy machines! YES I said 4-with NO luck! Can you believe that?!? I think that those big fancy copy machines should be equipped to shoot out chocolate & caffine when all those darn lights & buzzzing beepers start sounding! Great idea-don't ya think?!? :)  {BTW we did finally get things copied the next day...whew!} At the beginning of the week we started out with a Spider Schema chart. It is so stinkin funny to hear some of the things that kiddos come up with!

Here's one of our spider centers..."Spider I Spy." I made these fun little spider magnifying glasses for the kiddos to read the tiny little sight words on the cards. They just LOVE this center!

We have also started working on related facts & fact families so I made a "Spider Fact Families" math center. The kiddos work with a partner to build the related math facts. These fun centers, the Spider glyph, data collection activities & much more is included in my new "Spectacular Spider Fun" unit.

Just click on the pics to check out more of these super-fun spider activities!

And, of course, I have a couple spider FREEBIES to share with ya! The first one is a simple little dice game that reinforces "doubles addition" skills. Just click the pic to grab it!

The second FREEBIE is a short e word sort. Hope your kiddos love it!


  1. Thanks for sharing! These are great for "spider" week.

  2. Thanks for the freebies! Your spider glyphs are so cute!
    Rowdy in First Grade

  3. Your spiders are adorable!! Love the glyph!

  4. Love your blog. Just wondering what program you use to make all your lesson plans? I've been racking my brain all evening trying to figure it out. I want to make some portfolio covers and can't figure out how! Thanks!!