Monday, July 10, 2017

Contraction Surgery Center {Bestseller Update!}

I just update this bestseller {plus I've included bonus FREEBIE in the TpT preview!}

Is there a doctor in the house??? A "Contraction Doctor" that is!!! It's time for a little "word surgery"... just have your lil surgeons grab their scapels {scissors} & trim away those extra letters to make a new shortcut word-don't forget to bandage it back together with a Bandaid-apostrophe! It's "Contraction Surgery"! It's super-fun to  have your kiddos wear latex gloves and doctor masks also. {Maybe ask your local hospital or health department if they would donate some to your classroom.}You can also make your own from a small piece of material & thin elastic headband.

I have also included several versions of a Contraction Poster in the preview for this product. Just click HERE or on the pics below and download the preview file.

Hope y'all love the update! I would love to see pics of your little surgeons! 

1 comment:

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