Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Snowday Sale & Freebies!


Snowday #4! That's right another snowday-Woo hoo! {I'm pretty sure that I will be regretting all of this excitement come May!} but for right now... WOO-HOO-IE! This was not only a whooper of a snow {dropping almost a foot of snow in many places} but the temp yesterday was not even above 0! Yep, you heard me right folks...the high temperature yesterday was BELOW ZERO!!! That's just cRaZy cold! The only good thing about it being so cold & having a few extra days added to our break is that I can get my house cleaned & organized.... Well....that just doesn't seem to be happening yet. I made the mistake of sitting down next to my fireplace with my computer. Yep! you know what happened right? PINTEREST!!! Does this happen to you too??? I think I need some sort of intervention or time limit-maybe that site should lock you out after so long? {Just kidding...I'd be really mad if it did that! lol}So, to celebrate these snowdays, I am having a FLASH SALE{today & Thursday, January 9th} on these snow-themed items...



AND...I've also created a few more winter-themed common-core printables to share with y'all. Just click on the pic below & head on over to my lil TpT shop to download your SNOWDAY FREEBIES! {Don't forget to follow my shop for more freebie updates!}

Click the pic to grab your freebies!

Now, I think I'll make myself a nice mug of hot cocoa before I attempt to take down that Christmas tree. Hope you stay warm & cozy!


  1. Just put your Common Core Printables for January in my cart! And thank you for the freebie! We're on our 3rd snow day...Happy 2014!
    Funky First Grade Fun

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