Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy 2014!!! (A Lil FREEBIE for You!}

Wishing everyone an awesome 2014! I feel so blessed to have started off this new year with the most wonderful family & friends ever! And today was supposed to be our first day back to school BUT we had our 1st snowday today instead!!! {I love my firsties, but what a nice lil post-holiday treat! Who wouldn't love an extra day off over Christmas break?!?} It's still pretty chilly here in Missouri but the sun did shine today & clear up most of our roads-guess that means no snow day tomorrow. I guess that means I'll be heading to bed early tonight so I can be ready for 18 lil smiling faces just bursting to share their stories! I've also been working on my new January Common Core Printables pack over the break and TaDa! I've got it finished & ready for tomorrow!

The pages are ready-to-go! They are perfect for extra practice or to use for assessment. Just click on the pics to check it out!

And of course we all need a lil New Year's FREEBIE! Click {here} or on the pic. Click on "Preview" to download your freebie.

Best wishes for the new year y'all!!!