Friday, August 3, 2012

Mark your Calendar!

It's time for a lil back-to-school countdown! Next week is my LAST full week of summer...{gasp! GASP!} Does anyone else feel like they need an oxygen tank & a truckload of caffine to be ready!? I'm in a bit of a fReNzY right now y'all! Wow! How will I ever be ready for those 18 lil angels? With the help of all those FAB*U*LOUS bloggers out there-that's how! Next week {August 6th-12th} I will be hosting the FAB*U*LOUS FREEBIE FRENZY. Each day 1-2 fabulous blogs will be featured with a FREEBIE-just in time to help you beat the back-to-school frenzy! Be sure to check back each day to grab the goodies!


  1. Ooo Yay! I look forward to it! Next week is my last week too..then meetings begin the week after and school starts aug. 22nd!


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    1. Let me try that excitement got the best of me!


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