Sunday, March 9, 2014

Read Across America Week

Hey y'all! When our first team was planning for this week, we couldn't believe the forecast of snow!?! Who would have thought that the first week of March would bring us yet AnOtHeR snow day??? Well....snowday #13 came on Monday! {And we even got the call the night before, so... NO alarm clock for me Monday morn! Woohoo!!!}Which meant that a few of our fun activities had to be put on hold but, we were still able to pack lots of silly seussy learning into our 4-day week. These firsties are really working hard on their letters, punctuation, adding details, using descriptive words.......all that good common core stuff! One of our favorite activities was imagining that silly cat making a visit to our own houses. Omiword! Now that inspired some writing!!!

Would love to hear about your seussy fun!!! Next week our eggs will be arriving {so exciting!} AND the forecast for this Monday is 70 DEGREES!!! Gotta love that good ole Missouri weather!!! :)


  1. I used these for the 2nd year in a row! I love them! I turned them into glyphs!

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