Sunday, September 8, 2013

Word Ladders-Pocket Chart Style!

Check out this awesome Word Ladder Pocket Chart from Smilemakers!

In my classroom, word ladder  activities are part of our daily word work routine. We use magnetic letters, dry erase boards and the SmartBoard we are using this awesome pocket chart also! It is soooo easy to use & having the pictures for the words is a huge plus! Each word ladder sheet has 7 pictures and lists the letters that you need down at the bottom. It comes with 20 double sided picture cards and oodles of letter cards AND it has a dry-erase surface so its super easy for the kids to clean up! Just slide the picture card in, grab the letters and you're set for a super-fun word work activity! This pocket chart also makes a perfect center or Daily 5 activity! My firsties absolutely love it! Head on over to Smilemakers to check it out for yourself!


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