Monday, April 29, 2013

Did you eat that WORM?!?? {FREEBIES}

Oh yes it is! But don't you worry.....we didn't really eat them! Well, not the real worms anyway. But it sure was fun to pretend that we were going to!!! Last week, during our Earth Day unit, we learned soooo much about those wiggly lil critters. We decided to have a "Worm Day" & did all things WORMS!!! I started by reading the lunch menu for the firsties got so darn tickled when I said that the cooks were making "worm patties on a bun" for lunch! Hehehe! { was really just a chicken patty!} Then I told the kiddos that I had been digging in my garden the night before & brought in something that I wanted them to feel. Without letting them see what was in the bag, I had each student reach and feel. Then they had to write down what they thought it was. Some of the kiddos' faces were PRICELESS!!!
Most of the kiddos though they were feeling worms.....this is what it really was!
Just a little rotini pasta coated in oil....ewwwww!!!! I think they were relieved to see it was just a bunch of noodles! If you would like a copy of  "What's in the bag?" just click on the pic.
We also read some great worm books. This book does a wonderful job of explaining the vital role that earthworms play in the planet's ecosystem.
Here are few more fun books about worms...

And now for the really creepy icky fun part....I let my firsties pick up a worm & pretend that they were going to eat it! Talk about some squealing! Some of them LOVED doing this & couldn't wait to take the picture home to show their parents! And others, well.....some of the kids weren't going to touch those worms for anything!!! {I let them hold a gummy worm for their picture.} Then we did some sequencing writing & wrote about the steps you would need to take if you want to eat a worm! Some of the firsties were really thinking...some said, put sugar on it, dip it in chocolate, roll it in salt and fry it! YUM!!!

Click the pic for a FREEBIE copy!
{Just add your own photo & glue onto construction paper.}

This was such a fun FUN day! We ended our day by enjoying a lil snack of worms in dirt! {Yep! chocolate pudding, oreo crumbles & gummy worms.} That snack was WORM-derfully delicious! I can't wait for Earth Day 2014! Hope you enjoy my FREEBIES!
Bon appetite!


  1. Christie,
    This post is AWESOME!
    So gross and I love it!
    I don't know of any first grader that wouldn't love these activities!
    Thanks so much for sharing!
    Ms. Marciniak's First Grade Critter Cafe

  2. Eeek this is SO cute!! I know Earth Day is over, but I think we might have to have a worm day anyway!

    Let’s Get Fancy in First

  3. Very cute idea- I may have been that student that would not touch the real worm-back in my first grade days :)
    -Lovely Nina

  4. We did a worm lesson today. Actually...I had a rep from the county's soil and water conservation dept come in and do a lesson. It was great. I am now the proud (?) owner of a worm habitat.

    I plan on doing this next year and love the "What's in bag?" idea. Thanks.


    You Might Be a First Grader...

  5. We were so on the same wavelength this week. I did the dirt sundaes on Wednesday and after putting in the gummy worms the kids wanted to know all about REAL worms. I just happened to run across your blog that day so I went out, bought real worms, and we did the activities that you made. THANKS so much for sharing! It was tons of fun and I put a link to your blog on my Five for Friday today sharing your ideas. Would love for you to stop by sometime! I am one of your newest followers and really like your page. You have some great ideas! Thanks again!

    Monahan Monkey Madness

  6. How cute! I can't wait to use this next year. Thanks!

  7. DEFINITELY a must activity, as is following your blog. Smiles and stop by anytime!

  8. Such a cute idea! Love the pasta worms :)

    Stephanie Ann
    Sparkling in Kindergarten

  9. I still remember in elementary school our teacher boiling spaghetti at Halloween and telling us to feel the brains! Ewwww.. but I sure remember!

  10. Thanks so much for the great ideas! I'm going to use "How to Eat a Worm" tomorrow!!

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