Saturday, August 6, 2011

Teachers Save 15%!

I discovered something this morning that I have to pass on to all you bloggin' teachers out there. I just happened to find myself in Michaels this morning...{don't know how that happened! :) } Anyway, when I took my "treasures" to the check out lane, I saw this flyer sitting there. Michaels offers teachers 15% off the entire purchase! Woo Hoo! I LoVe surprise savings! All you have to do is show something that identifies you as a teacher-it's that easy. Now, tell me who doesn't like the sound of that!!! Not sure if they have been doing this for a long time or its something new-either way, I'm LOVIN' it!!!

{Don't forget the TpT sale ends at midnight tonight!}


  1. Hi Christie,
    I was at Michaels today too! And discovered the same thing. I asked the cashier if it was a new thing, but she wasn't sure. Anyhow, thanks for the reminder :)

    Grade ONEderful