Tuesday, July 12, 2011

WILD ABOUT SCHOOL! Jungle unit just posted! plus a FREEBIE!

Woo Hoo!!! All of this computer organization stuff is acually coming together! You know how it is during the school year...trying to be organized but just can't quite seem to get there. Well, I'm feelin' pretty darn good about finding most of my jungle unit stuff-yeah! I just posted my WILD ABOUT SCHOOL unit on my store at Teachers Pay Teachers and also on my new lil shop on Teachers Notebook. If you haven't visited Teachers Notebook, you need to check it out. It's similar to Teachers Pay Teachers and...they have FREEBIES too! Gotta love those FREEBIES!!!  Our school-wide theme is "Wild About Learning" this year and I'll using these activities right away in August. So, I'm sure I'll be creating some more activities to add to it. (Can't help it...I'm addicted to all that stinkin' cute clipart!) If you purchase this unit, please give me a shout out and I'll email you any additions that I come up with.

And speaking of FREEBIES...here is a FREEBIE from the Wild About School unit! Please leave me a comment and let me know what you think!!!

Happy Summer!


  1. Your blog is adorable! So glad I found you! Seriously considering this unit because it matched my theme perfectly and it would take one thing off my to-do list!


    Queen of the First Grade Jungle

  2. Thanks so much Katie!Love your blog also!Just posted another jungle theme freebie-be sure to grab it!

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