Sunday, December 11, 2011

Asking & Telling Sentences

Did your kiddos have a lil extra energy this past week also? I knew I had trouble a challenge on my hands when I turned around to see my quietest student doing a Michael Jackson style break dance on our rug!!! OMIword!!! I guess having a full moon AND our first snow fall all in the same week could have something to do with it!?! lol Well, once I got everyone settled, we started working on one of our morning interactive writing activities where I give the students a word and then they have to use it in a sentence. Then we work together to write it on the easel. (Of course making sure that it has everything that a good sentence needs!) The past few weeks we have been coming up with a telling sentence & an asking sentence. (That can be pretty tricky for firsties!) I just love these sentences that my firsties came up with this past week...

Not bad, huh? Especially after that whole "thriller dance rountine thing" that went on just a few minutes earlier! You gotta love those 7 year-olds!!! Is it obvious that they have reindeer on their brains? :)  I just love LOVE how he is working so hard to get a "good word space" in there! I also made up the lil sentence writing booklets (in the top pic) for my kiddos so they can either copy the sentences that we do together or come up with their own sentences. If you would like a copy of "My Good Sentences Book"-click HERE or on the top pic.

I just couldn't help but share this pic with you...After a snowy morning of chatty goofy wild extremely motivated students, it melted my heart when these 2 sweeties just couldn't wait for me to read the "good sentence" that they made at the magnetic board...Awww! They said, "Is it ok that we used a marker to make that "exquestion mark" cuz we knew you would just love it!" And I did! They were so proud of this...I just had to grab my camera & share it-sooo sweet! (Makes every minute of the full-moon craziness worth it!)
Also, here is my Good Sentences sign/poster (just in case you missed it in an earlier post.)
Click the pic if you would like a copy!
I've had lots of requests for more of my Sentence Scramblers...check back this week for a few more of them! Hope you have a super week with your kiddos!


  1. Oh, yeah, full moon and Christmas! Gotta love it. You can read about my wild day at
    2B Honey Bunch

  2. I turned around to find two of my boys break dancing and spinning around on the carpet today! We had snow today, too! 6 more days and counting!!! Thanks of sharing your cute ideas!

    Teaching First

  3. Wonderful share! I love your comments, too! I'm still laughing! Thanks so much!